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Artículo: Dream Girl Ft. Sofie Ken

Dream Girl Ft. Sofie Ken

Dream Girl Ft. Sofie Ken

Name: Sofie Ken

Favorite book: Outline by Rachel Cusk

Where was the best vacation you’ve ever taken: South Africa with my mom - It was an amazing experience and the vacation remains as clear, as if it were yesterday.


What makes you smile the most? My boyfriend. He is really funny 😁

Dancing or Singing? Dancing always! I'm not good at singing 😕

Red or White wine? I like both haha but it really depends on my mood. I would always choose Orange wine, if that was an option. 

Calling or texting? I hate when people call me hahah It's much easier to get in contact with me by texting. 

Dresses or skirts? Skirts! I especially love my 'Andes' skirt with the landscape on from Valentina ❤️ 

What’s one place you’ve always dreamed of traveling to this summer/ winter? Bologna. It looks so beautiful, it's not that expensive to travel there and I wouldn't mind eating pasta all day long. 

What’s a must-have clothing item (of VK) everyone should own? One of your printed skirts - "Andes" skirt or the "Carmela" skirt! The fit is so good.

Make a wish: No more war, please... 🙁