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Artículo: Dream Girl Ft. Do Nossent

Dream Girl Ft. Do Nossent

Dream Girl Ft. Do Nossent

Name? Do(minique) Nossent, but please call me Do ;)

Favorite color? Blue, it reminds me of summer days! 

Favorite book? I don’t really read books anymore, so let’s say a good magazine (vogue, elle, Linda. Meiden)

Favorite flower? Vergeet-me-nietje (forget-me-not in English) was my grandpa’s favorite flower. I also tattooed it on my arm. 

Favorite Tree? A green one that doesn’t give me hay fever haha

Where was the best vacation you’ve ever taken? Bali! 

What makes you smile the most? My boyfriend, friends and family

Dancing or Singing? Hard one, I love both so much. But I would go for dancing 

Red or White wine? Neither haha, I don’t love wine. BUT if I really have to choose I’ll go for a red one. 

Sunrise or Sunset? Definitely sunset, I wish I could be a sunrise girlie but I love my bed more. 

Truth or dare? Truth!

Hugs or kisses? Ohh though one, I love hugs AND kisses but let’s go for hugs then. 

Calling or texting? Texting, I hate long phone calls. 

Dresses or skirts? Dresses

What’s one place you’ve always dreamed of traveling to this summer/ winter? Hmmmm something that’s really on my wishlist, Tokyo. I am so curious about their culture and we absolutely need to visit Disney over there, the contrast between Disney Paris and Tokyo is another level. 

What’s a superpower you wish you had? Hmmmm I can move objects with my mind, that would be so funny and so freaking handy when you're cleaning your room for example haha. 

What’s a must-have clothing item (of VK) everyone should own? An item where you feel on top of the world. 

Make a wish - I wish health and happiness for me and my loved ones. 

Summer is being happy, sweaty, outside, tanned skin and enjoying life 

Winter is cozyness, cold, grumpy, hot teas and blue hands.